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Short Biography

One of the first thing in life we are aware of is the beat - our heartbeat. Each and everyone of us is clocked to his or her individual “beat of life”. Mine was set by sheer rocks and cold snow, by the warmth of the mountain sun and the softness of alpine meadows - elements which are experienced and felt differently by each person in the world. Thus, as in my case, opposite elements are fused into an special harmony, following a rhythm of their own. My rhythm originates in my home town, Zermatt. Being somewhat of an autodidact, I learned from musicians who's work managed to hold me in their grasp - each in its own way. Thus, I had many teachers, and I turned the mixture of their teachings into my own, very “groove-oriented” style.

Today, I can look back on over 1000 unforgettable concerts all over the world - Switzerland, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Finland, Norway, South America - where I worked with wonderful bands - e.g. Lingworm, Scenit Group, Migu, The Alex & Phil Extravaganza - and some incredible musicians - e.g. John Lord (Deep Purple), Miller Anderson (Spencer Davis Group), James Walch (Starsailor), Alvin Stardust, Waldo Weathers (James Brown), Lea Lu, Harriett Lewis, Alvin Mills, Jimi Wilkes, Chicago Mike, Thorsten Skringer (Heavytones), Vanessa Ekpenyong, The Murphy Brothers, Tiffany Kirkland.

Among numerous events, there were also several appearances in radio broadcasts - e.g. RRO, NRJ, Radio Top, El Vagon Alternativo (Ecuador) and on television programmes - e.g. 3+ (Prix Walo), SF2 (Music Night). I also met some interesting people for interviews and stories - e.g. Sonntagsblick, Berner Zeitung, Neue Luzerner Zeitung, El Comercio.

Also, I may count myself one of the lucky people who has been given the chance to write his own songs, to produce them and turn them into a universal language at a recording studio. To make my vision audible to others and perceptible by their heart. I had the chance to win the small Prix Walo 2006 for best newcomer band (Lingworm).

Maybe my vision was perceived by your heart as well.
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